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8.11 Summary of lesson 8

Key takeaways

1. Stakeholder matrix map

The Stakeholder matrix map is a useful tool for designing and prioritising communication methods with various stakeholders. Along with the network map, you can plan and manage stakeholders effectively.

2. Relationship as process tool

The Relationship as process (ACCT) tool is a canvas where you can project the relationship of stakeholders for your socially engaged art projects. Texts, images, pictures, and drawings in the Relationship as process tool are helpful to anticipate and overcome relational challenges. This tool can be completed with the support of the Checklist below.

3. Checklist

As we introduced in previous units, there are key questions to prepare the partnership in a socially engaged art project. The questions help you anticipate and overcome potential relationship challenges. In this Unit, we include a more generalised set of questions to support your project. These questions are derived from our interviews with socially engaged art project experts with 7 – 30 years of experience.

You can download the Checklist in PDF from here.


Ending notes

Like the personal relationship, the partnership in a socially engaged art project is all about the relationship among people. The experts we interviewed all agreed that managing a project depends on mutual trust in a team. However, since the project has broader perspectives (organisational context) and an ever-changing environment (social context), individual researchers need to collaborate with stakeholders wisely. The theories and tools introduced in this lesson can equip you for a socially engaged art project. Once the positive relationship is built, you will likely maintain the constructive relationship in the long term.

We hope our lesson strengthen your research skills for socially engaged art.

Good luck!


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