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The sense of smell is important to feel and recognize our home. Think of the smells that relax you or those which cause repugnance.

In unit 4, together we are going to think how to document our work using artistic techniques with which reality can be represented. One method we can use is the one used in “cartography”, which allows us to map something without recurring to a mathematic transcription of the object, feeling, concept, statement… to be conveyed.

Here we present the international project “Textile Cartographies”, which started in 2020, the year of the Covid 19 pandemic.

What about embroidering with the smell of the bread coming out of the oven?

Activity 1

Explore the site of the project “Textile Cartographies”:

Activity 2

Pick up a square piece of fabric (10cmx10cm) and embroider the word peace (in your mother tongue). As you go, you realize that a kind of mantra builds up in the back of your mind. Take a picture and participate in the project “Textile Cartographies”: “Mantra for Peace” to be spread on the social networks with #mantradapaz.

“Mantra for Peace”, Viseu, credits: Raquel Balsa