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Activity 7.1

Creating stories

This brings us to our third and final task, we want you to create stories! We want you not just think about them, and find them, and be inspired, But be the someone that can inspire someone else. Find three pieces of visual storytelling that you put together! Again, this can be anything you want to, this can be three posts to social media, three short videos, three maps, or infographics or whatever you feel comfortable with. You feel comfortable with it as long as it’s visual storytelling. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s visual. And although we cannot really grade if you actually disseminate it, and send it out to other people, I would highly recommend it to do so. Even if you just put it together for the course itself so you can complete it, it’s still nice, but the more people can see it, the more people can be inspired by it! We encourage students to use AMASS MOOC hashtag (#AMASSMOOC) to join our global socially engaged art community.  

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EVALUATION | Multiple choice

Now that you have watched the MOOC and reflected on its content, try to answer the multiple-choice questions