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Activity 6.1

Your storyboard

And this is exactly why the second task for this project is going to be the planning stage: your job is going to be to create a storyboard for a video, a story, a comic book, anything that you want to create visually, that has at least six separate steps, scenes, or compositions, and then create a detailed storyboard for them.  

You don’t have to just talk about the camera movements, you can talk about how the story is going to unfold in these six or more steps. How the audience is going to be feeling, given these stages, what colour you’re going to be using. You can also talk about not just one element, but a series of blog posts or a series of posts that together are going to form a cohesive story.  


Star Wars Storyboard 
Photo Credit: Star Wars storyboards – the original trilogy (2021)

EVALUATION | Multiple choice

Now that you have watched the MOOC and reflected on its content, try to answer the multiple-choice questions